Unity in Sleep: The Pros and Cons of Co-Sleeping with Your Baby

Nothing compares to a sleeping time with the family huddled together in one bed, sharing stories, laughs, and love. Whether you have a nice senso-memory mattress or just a plain old one, you can still be happy with the most important people in your life. Filipino families just love co-sleeping. It makes each member more Read More

Visions of Death: The “Deathbed Phenomenon” Explained

Stories of visions of the dying are prolific across cultures around the world for a very long time. You might have even heard about some of them: being visited by dead relatives, hearing music, being enveloped in a bright light, comforting visions of what waits for them on the other side once they’ve kicked the Read More

Prismatic Sleep: Colors in Dreams and their Meanings

We often see different scenes and images when we are in a deep slumber. We dream different dreams; we fall into places we never thought we would be. People come and go in our unconscious reveries—we see familiar and foreign faces and we spend a lifetime deciphering what they might mean. When we have nightmares, Read More

Furry Zzz’s: A Guide to Choosing a Dog Bed

After a hard day’s work, we all look forward to lying down and sleeping on our plush and inviting beds. We invest on ones that could give us a good night’s sleep and would give us our money’s worth. We make sure that they’re made of high-quality foam that would not give us neck and Read More

Star Slumber: 5 Outrageous Celebrity Sleeping Habits

We know for a fact that celebrities have very hectic work schedules. They go from one set to another to shoot their projects and promote their shows across the globe. If they’re running a music career, their calendars are always full because of tours—not to mention hardcore partying every single night. For these reasons, stars Read More

Living in the Limelight: Famous Celebrities and Their Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most open and exposed place in a house. One reason for this is because most events and gatherings happen here. Because people gather around the living room, it is not surprising that homeowners will format it according to their taste. They will put sofa beds for comfort, while others will add Read More

A Sofa or a Bed? 4 Reasons To Buy Uratex Sofa Beds

Picture yourself living in an apartment. With a limited budget and space, you are now stuck with deciding whether to get a small bed for you to sleep on or a comfortable sofa whenever you have guests. Well, why not try both: sofa beds? But which one? Of course, we here at Uratex are confident Read More

Stopping For The Night: 5 Habits To Break Before Bedtime

You lay down on your senso memory mattress bed and stared at your white ceiling. It was a Sunday night, so you have to wake up early. You close your eyes, but that’s it. You couldn’t fall asleep. You restlessly shift on your bed, trying different positions in hopes that you’d gain access to dreamland Read More