Snoozing for Two: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Sleep Better

With pregnancy comes many changes in your body, and that includes trouble sleeping. Don’t worry, though, that’s perfectly normal! Still, you need to get some shut-eye, so you’ll need to make a few lifestyle adjustments to make yourself and your bed mattress more comfortable. Here are a few things you can do:   Quit Worrying Anxiety Read More

I Dreamt That! 6 Common Dreams and What They Might Mean

Our trusty and beloved bed foams have always been there to help us catch some good Zzz’s. With great deep slumber come peculiar and at times astonishing dreams, however, and some of these dreams visit us more frequently than others. Below is a short list of things commonly dreamt by people.   Babies There are Read More

6 Great Books Born from Their Author’s Dreams

A lot of authors claim that some of their best ideas came to them while they’re taking a snooze on their favorite bed mattresses. And sceptical or no, you have to admit that many of them did produce some of the best reads you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Just take a look at some of Read More

Sleep & Health: The Advantages of Polyphasic Sleep

If you sleep anytime and anywhere other than the foam from the Philippines you bought, people are going to call you a sleepyhead. They’re probably right. Or you can tell them that you’re a practitioner of polyphasic sleep, making them wrong … technically. Yes, there is a way of getting shuteye that is known as Read More

4 Couches Made Famous by Television

Sometimes, objects in movies and TV shows can become just as much of a star as the characters. It can be a vehicle, a weapon, a gadget, or a robot; heck, it can even be something as seemingly mundane as a sofa or a sofa bed. Wait, what was that? Couches in TV series and Read More

The Homemaker’s Guide to Maximizing Small Bedrooms

Does size really matter? For bedrooms, of course. After all, the bigger the bedroom is, the more things you can do and put in it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with a not-so-big bedroom. Through proper and creative organization, you can fit other furniture aside from your sofa bed, and even add Read More

4 Feel-Good Series to Watch in Bed

Nobody wants to go to bed in broken spirits or with a heavy heart. So at the end of either a sad or disappointing day, before you hit your soft and comfy foam from the Philippines, try cheering yourself up, even just a little. Listen to a few feel-good songs, read a lighthearted book, or Read More

Aspire to not Perspire: How to Prevent Night Sweats

After a long, hot, and exhausting day, you finally get to sleep on your senso memory matress in your own air-conditioned room. There is almost no better feeling. However, before the Sandman takes you to Dreamland, you begin to start perspiring a lot for some strange reason. In fact, you sweat so much that your clothes, Read More