2016 Design Trends to Inspire Your Bedroom Makeover

There’s something about the bedroom that makes us feel calm, relaxed, and happy. Perhaps, it’s because the bedroom represents an ending, a sense of closure: long day is over and now you can finally rest and sleep. Or can you? If your bedroom is becoming a source of stress rather than peace, you better do Read More

Modern Home Design: Uratex Premium Mattress Gallery

Getting the right features for your home’s interior design can be a difficult task. But just as it is important to consider the aesthetic value of a modern home design, it is equally necessary to consider the quality of the materials you’re bringing in. When looking for furnishing for your living room and bedroom, Uratex Read More

Festival-themed Design Ideas Perfect for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the first things a guest sees when entering a home. Most of the time, it’s also where families spend quality time together. That’s why when designing your living room, nothing is more important than making sure it’s as inviting and lively as it can be. Inviting and lively, now Read More

13 Ways to Supercharge Productivity with Better Sleep

Growing up in the digital age is not easy. For one, you can’t sleep. Fluffy pillows and cuddly teddy bears can only do so much when that smartphone you sleep next to keeps on ringing, vibrating, sending you notifications, and basically tempting you to stay awake. This generation is perpetually plugged in. A 2015 Bank Read More

Sleep Superstitions Debunked! 5 Myths You Should Stop Believing

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep on their bed mattress; not getting enough of it isn’t good for you. There are many reasons why people have trouble catching some sleep, including certain health disorders like insomnia as well as a list of bad habits. As if these aren’t enough, however, lack of sleep is also Read More

Trouble Sleeping? 5 Ways to Beat Insomnia

It’s hard not to fall in love with your bed mattress every single night because of the comfort and solace they can give. However, this fondness is something insomniacs have difficulty understanding, much less sharing. For most of them, a mattress is just a slab of foam where they can lie down, stare blankly at Read More

Snoozing for Two: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Sleep Better

With pregnancy comes many changes in your body, and that includes trouble sleeping. Don’t worry, though, that’s perfectly normal! Still, you need to get some shut-eye, so you’ll need to make a few lifestyle adjustments to make yourself and your bed mattress more comfortable. Here are a few things you can do:   Quit Worrying Anxiety Read More

I Dreamt That! 6 Common Dreams and What They Might Mean

Our trusty and beloved bed foams have always been there to help us catch some good Zzz’s. With great deep slumber come peculiar and at times astonishing dreams, however, and some of these dreams visit us more frequently than others. Below is a short list of things commonly dreamt by people.   Babies There are Read More

6 Great Books Born from Their Author’s Dreams

A lot of authors claim that some of their best ideas came to them while they’re taking a snooze on their favorite bed mattresses. And sceptical or no, you have to admit that many of them did produce some of the best reads you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Just take a look at some of Read More