The 3 Most Common Sleeping Disorders and their Remedies

You can’t always blame your snoring bedmate or your barking dog if you don’t feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. You can’t take it out on your sofa bed or pillows either. Chances are, the reason why you still feel so tired is because you have a sleeping disorder. If you’re constantly Read More

9 Cool Bed Designs you can Build from Recyclables

We all know that the Senso Memory Mattress is the ultimate place for slumber, but it’s also fun to build an extra bed made from your creativity, perseverance and imagination. Believe it or not, some of the best materials you can use when constructing bed frames come from recycled goods. And though the stuff may Read More

4 Underrated Bedrooms from Film & TV

There are probably moments when you felt jealous with someone whose bedroom seems way cooler than yours. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this. Every person, both kids and grown-ups, wants to own an awesome bedroom, complete with entertainment showcases, references to pop culture, and a mattress big enough that can accommodate each member of Read More

A Vision from Above? 7 Famous Dreams that Made an Impact

Dreams have been known to play huge roles in shaping human events. And while many remain skeptical at the idea of receiving futuristic visions as they lay on their bed foam, others believed that the things they or others have seen had been sent from above. Some dreamers are even willing to stake their lives Read More

8 Haunted Bedrooms that could Give Freddy Krueger Nightmares

Sharing a bed mattress with a ghost is a prospect you probably aren’t excited about. For one thing, nobody likes to be watched while they sleep, especially not by people who aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. That scenario is just an exorcism waiting to happen. Yikes! Ghosts and ghouls are also Read More

5 Demanding Professions that will Deprive you of Sleep

There are various occupations out there that require you to forgo sleep and leave your precious bed mattress unused. A lot of those professions are vital for society to survive, while others were simply created to turn hardworking individuals like you and me into grumbling zombies. A sleep-deprived night almost always guaranteed a groggy morning, Read More

Can’t Sleep? Here are 6 Snacks that will Make you Drowsy

Having trouble catching those ZZZs? Believe it or not, treating yourself to a nice snack is one of the best ways to deal with sleeplessness. Not only does it ease your stomach’s late night cravings, but it can also help your brain relax into drowsiness as you lay still on your bed mattress. Besides, even Read More

Counting Sheep to Sleep: Mere Myth or Gift for Insomniacs?

You’ve seen it in a lot of classical cartoons, books, movies, and even comedy sketches like Mr. Bean. It’s also been so close with society that it actually even became a term alluding to the beginning of slumber. I’m talking about “counting sheep.” Believe it or not, this cliché is accepted by some as truth. Read More