“Keep It Cool!” How to Sleep Soundly Despite the Hot Summer Nights

Summertime is always associated with bright days outside, swimming, walking on sandy beaches, and sipping iced concoctions to beat the heat. This season is quite enjoyable by daytime; by nighttime it becomes a struggle because we find it hard to sleep, for it’s easy to get all sticky and sweaty come bed time. And without Read More

Clear Your Mind: How Meditation Can Reduce Your Stress

You can get stressed with work, school, or even in your own home. Basically, you can get it anywhere, and it can reach unbearable levels until the mind takes its toll. Once it does, even the simplest of activities, like sleeping in the comfort of your bed, can be a struggle. A good way to Read More

Tech-Tock, Go To Sleep: How Gadgets Ruin Bedtime

It’s really convenient to lie on the foam of your bed while tinkering with your laptop, smartphone, or ebook reader. After all, it feels better to browse the internet, play games, or read an e-book while resting your back on something soft than while sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair. But be warned, because using Read More

Bring Comfort Anywhere: Presenting Uratex Portable Foams

Sleepng is everyone’s favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, we can’t always bring with us our beloved bed mattresses anywhere we want. This means that, when we are left with no other choice, we can’t help but sleep uncomfortably sitting down or on a rough, hard surface. But are we really left with no other options? Worry Read More

Staying Comfy: The 7 Different Kinds of Sofas

Do you have a new place that you own and want to spice your living room with a new set of furniture? Or do you just want something as comfortable as sofa beds, where you can take a snooze? Worry not, because we’ve listed some sofa designs that can be both the center of attraction Read More

Sleep and Health: 5 Reasons why you should Always Get Proper Sleep

Whether you sleep on your sofa bed or on your comfortable mattress, we must admit that sleeping is the best reward after a very long day. But sleep is not just for refreshment purposes – there are other benefits that one can experience from visiting dreamland. Reduces Inflammation Inflammation is linked to heart disease, stroke, Read More

Experiencing Inception: 5 Reasons Why Lucid Dreaming Is Important

Whether you sleep on a sofa bed or on a senso memory mattress, there is a high chance that you will experience a rapid eye movement (REM) phenomenon, leading to dreaming. Dreaming has a lot of advantages, and scientists have been explaining why humans dream. But a number of people can do something more than Read More

Movie Time! Sleep-Related Films for Sleepovers

Admit it: films are better watched in the company of friends! And what’s a better way to enjoy a movie marathon than watching it while comfortably lying on a senso memory mattress at night when it’s naturally dark! Here we’ve listed 5 of the most well-known sleep and dream-related films and see how directors and Read More

Not on an Empty Stomach: More Food Suggestions to Help You Sleep

It’s 9 in the evening. You’re lying on a soft foam bed, feeling two opposing sensations which are truly agonizing and frustrating: sleepiness and hunger. You want to stand up and attack your kitchen just to satisfy your grumbling stomach, but you also want to sleep because you have to go to work or office Read More