Movie Time! Sleep-Related Films for Sleepovers

Admit it: films are better watched in the company of friends! And what’s a better way to enjoy a movie marathon than watching it while comfortably lying on a senso memory mattress at night when it’s naturally dark! Here we’ve listed 5 of the most well-known sleep and dream-related films and see how directors and Read More

Not On An Empty Stomach: More Food Suggestions To Help You Sleep

It’s 9 in the evening. You’re lying on a soft foam bed, feeling two opposing sensations which are truly agonizing and frustrating: sleepiness and hunger. You want to stand up and attack your kitchen just to satisfy your grumbling stomach, but you also want to sleep because you have to go to work or office Read More

Quick And Effective! Benefits of Taking a Nap

“When all else fails, take a nap” We look at napping negatively, especially at work. It is often considered as a waste of time and a form of laziness. But there are times when it’s really hard not to nap, even for just 15 minutes on soft foam during the afternoon! Question is, why? Aside Read More

Last Friday Night: Cleaning Your Bedroom After A Slumber Party

Slumber parties are one of the best things that anyone can experience – it is for both the young people and the young at heart. However, preparing for one can get pretty tedious, especially when it comes to planning the night’s activities and knowing what bed mattress to use. And if you think it’s not Read More

Many Long Nights: 7 Kinds of Insomnia

You lie on your sofa bed in your living room just as you arrived home from a tiring day at work or in school. You want to take a power nap before doing some works you brought at home, but then you realized that you can’t sleep. What seems to be the problem? In our Read More

Visions to Reality: 4 Dreams that Changed World History

Dreams are one of the most extraordinary parts of a person’s life – sometimes reflecting what just happened, while sometimes they reflect a person’s subconscious. Sometimes dreaming while sleeping anywhere like a foamed bed, or a sofa bed, or a wooden chair, can actually result to something more extraordinary:changing the course of the history of Read More

Sleep Tight, Little Ones: Children’s Bedrooms Around the World

eAs you tuck your children on their own senso memory mattresses and turn off the lights aside from the lampshade, you’re probably wondering how children’s bedrooms from your neighbors or other countries look like. James Mollison, a photographer, travelled around the world and took photos of children’s bedrooms and compiled them in a photo book Read More

8 Weirdest Sleeping Disorders

A good night’s sleep is one of the best things that can happen after a tiring day. We lie on our beds with foams as soft as clouds, and eventually arrive at dreamland. But what if you don’t have the tendency to sleep? Or what if you tend to sleep a lot? Weird isn’t it? Read More