7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Mattress

Are you going to buy your first mattress soon? Or perhaps you’ve been planning to replace that old smelly bed of yours? Do you know how to choose a mattress? If you’re like most people who don’t have a clue, it would be best for you to know that there are many things to consider before buying a mattress.

Read this mattress buying guide to arm you with the knowledge needed before making that important purchase. You’ll know what questions to ask when buying a mattress and get the right answers in the process.

Who will sleep on the bed?

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Is it just you? Or do you have a partner or kids? Having a clear idea of who will be using the bed will help you determine which mattress to get.

You’ll have to consider their preferences too before making the purchase such as size, thickness, firmness, and other important criteria. Of course, there will be some sacrifices to accommodate others, but at least by knowing this, you’ll be able to find the middle ground.

Your health condition is important

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How is buying a mattress and your health condition related? Well, you’ll be surprised. Buying the right mattress is crucial, especially if you have joint pain, spinal problems or other medical issues. The right bed can help correct posture or relieve pain and joint pain. It would be best to ask your doctor first so they can recommend a mattress model or at least a few things you should look for that will to cater to your health condition, if any.

So is your lifestyle

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Just like your health condition, your lifestyle also matters when choosing a mattress. People with active lifestyles would need a bed that can help them with muscle recovery. As such, a mattress that can conform to your body’s movements and support key areas such as the neck, hips, and shoulders would be a good choice.

Some professional athletes even go to great lengths and buy special beds that use memory foam mattresses to accommodate their large frame and support their weight, as well as help them recover from their intense workouts. You can visit your doctor to see if your lifestyle has special needs when it comes to choosing a bed.

Think about how you sleep

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How do you sleep? Do you lie down on your side, back, or on your stomach? Each mattress is made to specialize in at least one sleeping position. So what is the best type of mattress for you based on your sleeping position? Let’s tackle each position one by one.

Side sleepers need a mattress that’s soft enough to conform to the body. Meaning, the shoulders and hips should sink a little bit in the bed so that there wouldn’t be too much stress on the shoulder and hips to keep the spinal cord aligned. The best type of mattress for side sleepers should be either medium or soft.

If you like to sleep on your stomach, then your choice of mattress should lean on the medium firm side. A bed that plays between medium and firm would be a good choice as it will allow a certain amount of softness to relieve stress from your ribs, while being stiff enough that your body won’t sink into it and put stress on your spine. Choosing a proper pillow may help alleviate the stress, but it would be nice to start with the mattress’ characteristics first.

Meanwhile, back sleepers need a medium firm mattress that can support the lower back properly. Make sure that it isn’t too stiff, so that the bed doesn’t push your lower back upward which may cause soreness.

Do you like it hot or cold?

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Not all mattresses are made to allow air to pass freely through it. If you live in the hotter areas of the Philippines, you might want to check if the bed you’re buying has Uratex’s Sleep Cool® technology or something similar to it. The brand offers cool sleep solutions to drift you into dreamland. This technology uses a 3D spacer fabric that disperses heat evenly and allows cool air to flow in freely.

If you’re sleeping in cold places like Baguio, a mattress that can keep heat inside would be good. Latex foam mattresses are a good choice for cold climates as it can trap the heat inside, keeping you warm during cold nights.

Go for a test ride

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Being able to test the beds for real will help confirm if you’ve made the right decision in the firmness, thickness, and material of the mattress that you’ve chosen. Sadly, not all stores will allow you to test a mattress.

Uratex Classic has showrooms nationwide that allows customers to actually lie on the mattress. You may lie down on the mattress for a few minutes to get a feel for the bed and confirm your decision.

If it checks out well, you might want to push through with your verbal agreement. In case there’s something that you don’t like about it, you can ask them to look for another mattress or maybe it’s time to check another store.

Check the fine print and protect your bed

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Before you make that purchase, take the time to read the warranty and the return clause of the mattress. If you see the company’s contact numbers, it would be nice to give them a call right then and there to make sure that the details are correct. It would be nice to know that a company or store would help you in case a defect is discovered days, weeks, or even years from your purchase.

Aside from that, you may want to cover the mattress with fabric or Uratex mattress toppers made of waterproof material as some stains may void its warranty.

Another item that you should check is the materials used and how to clean it. You might be allergic to the foam used and you’ll definitely feel it as time passes by. Also, washing it the wrong way may cause it to deteriorate quickly.

Now that you know how to determine the best mattress for you, we hope that this guide will help you find the perfect bed just like how Matteo Guidicelli found his own.
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