Give Your Room a Heart Evangelista-Inspired Makeover


If you’ve been wanting to give your room a makeover, but couldn’t decide on a theme, maybe the chic and elegant aesthetic of Heart Evangelista’s room can convince you to finally do it. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Step 1: Change your sheets to white

Probably the easiest to achieve in Heart’s room, replace all your bedding with crisp white sheets and pillowcases. The most color her bed gets are neutral hues from her bed runners, which she switches up from time to time.


Step 2: Paint the walls in neutral colors

Cop the calm, elegant vibe of Heart’s room by keeping the doors brown, painting the walls cream or white, and adding touches of gold here and there. An artwork that adds a pop of color is also worth adding.


Step 3: Add some gold details

You don’t have to have a gold bed frame like Heart’s to achieve the look of her bedroom. You can simply paint some parts of your bed frame or cabinet handles in gold or add tiny gold details like trinkets or other home decorations on your bedside table.


Step 4: Consider using a tufted headboard

Tufted headboards do not only add style and comfort, but also helps protect the wall, too. However, this kind of headboard, especially the ones as wide as Heart’s, can be a little pricey. If you have a limited budget, we recommend searching for DIY options you can follow on YouTube.


Step 5: Pick up a Senso Memory® Pillow

A room makeover isn’t complete without new purchases. Make like Heart and get yourself lots of pillows! She has them in different kinds and sizes. “The difference a pillow can make in improving the quality of your slumber is amazing,” she shares in an Instagram post. 

Heart considers the Senso Memory Pillow from Uratex Premium a game-changer because relieves pressure points on the head, neck, and shoulders. 


Step 6: Invest in a Uratex Premium mattress

Last but not the least, you need to invest in the best mattress you could find. For Heart, it’s the Premium Touch Viscoluxe mattress from Uratex Premium, a comfortable mattress that allows her to enjoy a five-star sleep experience in the comfort of her own home. 

It has memory foam for luxurious comfort and individually-wrapped springs that provide support. Plus, it’s anti-bacterial and anti-dust mites so you’re sure to always get a good night’s sleep! 

We spend ⅓ of our life sleeping, so might as well invest in a Uratex Premium mattress that would give your room and your sleep experience and upgrade. 


Here’s a little reminder that self-care begins with a good night’s sleep—it can rejuvenate and heal your body and refresh your mind. 

With a few tweaks and some investment pieces, you can achieve a calm and elegant sleep environment like Heart’s. As she likes to say, “self-care begins with a good night’s sleep—it can rejuvenate and heal your body and refresh your mind.”

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