Uratex Joins IMMAP BRT: Mapping 2023 Social Media Trends

Uratex, as represented by Justine Liza, Sleep BU - Brand Manager, joined the Interactive Marketing Media Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Breakfast Roundtable (BRT) event held on May 25, 2023, at the V&A Law Center marked a significant milestone as the first face-to-face gathering of industry experts, with an engaging program centered around an open discussion on social media trends for 2023, the event aimed to provide valuable insights and foster meaningful conversations. This successful event was just the beginning, as another session is already being planned for July.

The event kicked off with a Q&A format, allowing attendees to interact with the esteemed panelists. The panelists for the IMMAP BRT comprised renowned industry leaders, including Miko David, President & Co-Founder of David and Golyat; Rizza Garcia, Creative Director at Elesi Studios; and Adrian Fajardo, Growth Director of Bull.ish Launch Agency. Each panelist brought their expertise and experiences to the table, enriching the discussion and providing diverse perspectives on the topics at hand.

One of the key topics explored during the event was "Advertising Authenticity & Transparency." The panelists emphasized the importance of staying relevant in the market. While anyone can ride the wave of current trends, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of one's brand identity. By finding ways to genuinely connect with influencers and creators, brands can build authentic relationships without resorting to hard-selling tactics. Sustaining these relationships and staying true to one's brand identity is crucial for long-term success.

The next topic, "Social Media Community & Content," shed light on the significance of tapping into the right community. The panelists stressed the need for brands to establish credibility by leveraging social media platforms effectively. The quality and type of content shared on these platforms play a pivotal role in shaping a brand's image. With the right content strategy, brands can effectively engage their target audience and foster a strong online community.

The final topic explored was "Social Commerce," which highlighted the transformative impact of integrating e-commerce functionalities with social media platforms. The panelists emphasized the need for brands to revisit their objectives and clearly define why they want to sell a particular product. By aligning their social commerce strategies with their overall goals, brands can maximize the potential of this evolving landscape and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Throughout the event, attendees were encouraged to actively participate and share their insights. The IMMAP BRT fostered an inclusive environment where industry professionals could exchange ideas, ask questions, and learn from one another. The interactive nature of the event allowed for a comprehensive exploration of the discussed topics and provided attendees with valuable takeaways to implement in their own social media strategies.

The IMMAP BRT event on social media trends for 2023 proved to be an enlightening and engaging experience. The panelists, Miko David, Rizza Garcia, and Adrian Fajardo, brought their wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, sparking valuable discussions on advertising authenticity, social media community building, and the evolving landscape of social commerce. With the success of this event, the IMMAP BRT series is poised to continue providing industry professionals with an invaluable platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.


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