PH car parts preferred supplier, Roberts AIPMC remains positive about auto industry recovery

Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC), member of the RGC/Uratex Group of Companies, expresses positive outlook on the automotive industry's recovery amidst the pandemic.

With the recent releases of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI), the Philippines automotive industry showcases continuous recovery with 26, 230 cars sold in February and a total tally of 49,610 units from January 2021. Despite the economic slow down, the automotive industry is only behind by 7.3% versus last year's total unit sold by the end of February. 

In an exclusive interview, Roberts AIPMC General Manager Michael Gonzalez exultantly shared the optimism brought by the strong support of its industry partners  and customers including Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), Kawasaki Motor Philippines Corporation (KMPC), and Honda Cars Philippines (HCP) among others. along with the government to help different business sectors especially the local car parts manufacturers leap and recover.  With consistency in meeting the requirements of car assemblers as far as quality, cost, and delivery is concerned, the Roberts AIPMC remains to be one of the constantly chosen suppliers and business partners of Japanese automakers. 


As a long time partner of the above mentioned international automakers, Roberts AIPMC takes pride in producing locally manufactured automotive parts staying true to its mission of "meeting and surpassing customer needs and expectations by providing world class Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standard products and services."

Roberts AIPMC qualified for the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) program of the government to be one of the major suppliers of automotive parts in locally produced and assembled vehicles given the trust and confidence of the partner automakers in the industry. 

RGC/Uratex Group of Companies Executive Vice President for Automotive Edilberto A. Gallor receives the Certificate of Participation for the CARS Program of  Roberts AIPMC

"We support the vision of the government to turn the Philippines into a regional automotive manufacturing hub. Thus, we appreciate the discussions being done on extending the timeline for volume compliance due to the pandemic. This will give us and our industry partners Toyota and Mitsubishi ample time to provide quality cars and increase mobility of the people as we slowly recover," said Gonzalez.

This year, TMP and MMPC visited Roberts AIPMC's manufacturing site. Gonzalez appreciates these visits significantly in continuous strengthening of harmonious communications and good business relationships with these big companies. Gonzalez furthermore shared that they were used to the frequent visits of their automotive partners in their manufacturing sites pre-pandemic. With the limitations in transportation and physical interactions imposed by the current situation, Roberts AIPMC is very grateful to still be visited by TMP and MMPC which showcase their solid support and trust to Roberts AIPMC.


Gonzalez sharing the company's view on automation said, "Automation opens more potentials and opportunities as far as quality, cost, and reliability is concerned. It encourages us to explore more businesses and maximize its full capacity of producing larger quantities with assured quality."

Three years ago, Roberts AIPMC celebrated its 25th year anniversary and inaugurated their newly installed tandem press lines which consists of 600 and 400 tons press machines which enable the company to produce more intricate types of body parts for both the automotive and motorcycle assemblers. "We want to be known in the world as one of the best car parts manufacturers and we want the Filipino craftsmanship to be recognized globally. These new press lines will further add to our capacity to manufacture body parts which can only be done in other countries before," said Gonzalez.

The company also uses Japan Robotic Welding technology for heavy and industrial fabrications producing high-quality in large quantity units. As the company adopts this technological revolution, it surpasses the limitations of manual production including large quantity production in a shorter period and seamless tracking which maintains accuracy.


For 28 years now, Roberts AIPMC continuously innovates and seizes opportunities in pursuit of being a fully-developed and diversified company at par with global suppliers in terms of technology, capacity, and operational excellence.

Gonzalez ended the interview in a determined tone saying, "With the trust of our industry partners, support from the government, investment in world-class machineries and technologies, commitment to protect our environment, and most importantly being equipped with a passionate workforce, Roberts AIPMC will surely surpass any crisis."