Common Questions

Our FAQ page provides answers to common questions about our products/services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our customer support team is ready to help.


    • Can I customize the size of my mattress?

      Yes, we can customize the size that may fit your needs. Please send us a message in the chat box so we can assist you accordingly.

    • How to Order?

      Here are the steps on how to place/create an order:

      1. Log in to your account or create a new account if you haven’t registered yet
      2. Browse through our collections and select the item you want to purchase.
      3. Select the quantity, color/design, and size located on the product page.
      4. Click on the “Add to Cart” button. A pop-up will appear that your product has been successfully added to your cart. You may continue shopping or if you are satisfied with your order, you can click on the“View cart” and click “Check out” to proceed.
      5. The page will refresh to show you a summary and total of all your purchases.
      6. Enter your shipment and billing details on the check address form and click “Continue to Payment”
      7. On the Payment page, you will be asked to choose one from three (3) modes of payment: Credit, Debit, and E-wallets
      8. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been placed successfully with an Order reference number. Please note that once your order has been submitted, it cannot be altered.
    • Mattress Dimension

      Mattress standard dimensions are as follows for your reference (Length x Height inches) :

      • Single - 36x75in
      • Semi Double/Double -48x75in
      • Full Double - 54x75in
      • Queen - 60x75 in
      • King - 72x75in, 72x78in
    • Do you sell covers for mattresses?

      Yes, mattress protectors are available here under mattress category.

    • Do you customize pillow?

      We only have standard pillow sizes per model.

    • Can you place my order here in website through chat?

      All order products here on our website must be placed by the customer itself. Prior to placing orders, there are required personal information from the customer that must be filled out.

    • Can I change my order?

      Please note that once your order has been submitted, it cannot be altered. If you want to change any details of your order you must submit order cancellation request in our website.

    • What mattress comfort level is good for seniors

      Majority of our seniors customer bought firm comfort level but it will depends on the customer preference.

    • What are your mattress comfort level?

      Please see below details ; Soft, Medium firm and Firm

    Product Warranty

    • What is the warranty coverage?

      Please check the item's product page and read Specification or Service. Warranty may vary depending on the product. For mattresses and sofabed, we issue warranty coverage upon date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

      The warranty covers the following:

      • Crumbling of foam slab
      • Body impressions or loss of thickness that measure 25% or more of the total height of the mattress.
      • Wires that are loose, broken or protruding through fabric.

      To validate warranty coverage, the original warranty card and the proof of purchase is required. Uratex reserves the right to conduct a series of tests to assess whether the defect is within warranty coverage. The company can deny warranty if the product is in an unsanitary condition such as, but not limited to: traces of body fluid stains or soiling; mould infestation; and liquid penetration from water or any cleaning agent. Replacement of fabric cover and transportation costs are not included.

    • How can I register my warranty?

      Please see below instructions found on the warranty card or sticker that you can check and use to validate authenticity:

      1. Register the item’s warranty numbers by simply following the format below:
        WARRANTY/Warranty Number/Name in Invoice (Sold To)/Address in Invoice/Contact Number
      2. Send to 0917 803 3721.
        <WARRANTY>/<WARRANTY CODE>/<FULL NAME>/<ADDRESS>/<CONTACT NUMBER> and send to +63917 803 3721.
        You may also refer to the link below to register your warranty card.
    • How to claim warranty?

      You may send your warranty claim/ concern on our website chat box or may send it through contact us

    • Does your pillow has warranty?

      Apology, we don't have warranty on our pillows.

    • Does your monoblocks has a warranty?

      Apology, we don't have warranty on our monoblocks

    Return and Exchanges

    • How can I return or exchange an item?

      How to request a Return and Refund?

      1. Go to our Uratex Online store site (
      2. Login to your account (Using Email and set password)
      3. Click your profile then proceed to your order history and click the order reference number you want to return/refund.
      4. Click the “Refund order” and fill out the refund order form , select the reason for return and refund and click “Refund Order” to submit the request.
      5. You will receive an email confirmation on the status of your return and refund request and a call text from Uratex Customer service representative.
        Note: All returned items shall be subject to quality control and assessment to confirm its condition.

      Please be guided that all returns or exchanges must be compliant with the following:

      • With original proof or purchase/receipt
      • The item is new,unused and in saleable condition
      • The item is in its original packaging
      • The item is returned complete with accessories

      Please see this link reference for Return and Refund Guidelines:

    • What are the valid reasons for return and exchange?

      Uratex only allowed returns and refunds. Below are the valid reasons for returns:

      Faulty, defective, or damaged product
      Wrong item delivered
      Item has missing parts or accessories

      As a consideration for customers wanting to exchange size, this may be allowed following the guidelines below:

      • The item is in good condition as certified by our Operations team.
      • Shipping fee value will not be included in the refunded amount.
      • Pick up fee will be charged to the customer. The pick-up schedule will be within 7 days from the date the exchange has been approved for consideration.
      • Please take note that picking up the item will not guarantee that it is qualified for an exchange. Only upon certification by the
        Operations team that the item is indeed in good condition will the exchange be final.
      • An online credit voucher will be provided to the customer once the item is approved for exchange. The voucher has to be used within 3 days.
    • How to cancel my order?

      Order cancellation request is allowed if the item is not yet scheduled for delivery.

      Here are the steps on how to cancel your order in the system:

      1. Go to our Uratex Online store site (
      2. Login to your account (Using Email and set password)
      3. Click your profile then proceed to your order history and click the order reference number you want to cancel.
      4. Click the “Cancel Order” button fill out the cancel order form, select the reason for cancellation, and click “Cancel Order” to submit the request.
      5. You will receive an email confirmation on the status of your order cancellation request and a call text from Uratex Customer service representative

      Note: All cancellation requests will be for approval, kindly check your email for any possible updates.

    • Type of Refund

      We issued refund through Credit back and in the form of Voucher

    • How to use Uratex Refund Voucher?

      Uratex will send you a voucher code that you can use for website purchase only. To claim, kindly use the code upon checkout, please ensure to consume all amounts/purchase more than your voucher amount and settle the excess amount during checkout out otherwise it will be forfeited. The voucher is 1 time use only.

    • When will I get my refund?

      Please note that the timeframe below starts when your request has been approved by Uratex.

      • Gcash - within 24 hours
      • Credit / Debit card - within maximum of 60 days depending on your bank
      • Voucher - 1 to 2 days

    Shipping and Delivery

    • How much is shipping fee?

      The actual shipping fee will appear upon check out process. The shipping fee will depend on the dimension and weight of the product. You may check further details on the checkout option.

    • Do you have free shipping fee?

      We apologize but all of our items in Uratex Online store are subject for delivery fee. Shipping fee will depends on the dimensions and weight of the product. The actual shipping fee will appear upon check out process. You may check further details on the checkout option.

    • Can I schedule my delivery date?

      Yes, you can schedule your preferred delivery date by reaching out on our customer service in website chat box.

      Note : Request delivery date should be after the 3 days standard delivery lead time and excluded all Sundays/ Holidays

    • Can I pick up my order in your showroom?

      Uratex Online Store will temporarily cater order delivery. Store pick up is currently not yet available as of the moment. Walk-in or Store Pick up order will only be available for those who purchased direct through Uratex Showrooms.

    • What is your delivery leadtime?

      The delivery schedule will depend on the model and size of the item you will purchased. The delivery lead time for standard sizes is within 3 business days.

    • How do I track my order?

      We are currently working on a system that will provide real time updates for easy tracking of deliveries. In the absence of such, you will received a sms notification on the day of the delivery date. You may also reach out to our customer service in website chat box for any delivery follow ups.

    • Do you ship Internationally?

      International shipment is not yet part of our service. Currently, we only ship in the areas within the Philippines

    • Do you have same day delivery?

      Apology, we don't have same-day delivery. We are doing our best to pack all the orders that we have received. Rest assured we will arrange the delivery soonest.

    • Do you ship outside Metro Manila?

      Uratex Online Store can only deliver items within Metro Manila and other selected Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao areas temporarily. You may check on the check out option if your address is available for delivery.

    Payment Methods

    • What type of payment card do you accept?

      Uratex online store accepts international and local credit and debit cards that are supported by Visa and Mastercard.

    • Do you have installment ?

      Yes, we have billease upon check out you may choose it.

    • What are your payment methods? (Showroom)

      For showroom purchases, we accept cash, credit cards and check.We accept installment payments through credit cards. There are 2 ways toavail:

      1. 0% interest rate that is applicable to premium mattresses not under anypromotions, minimum purchase of PHP3,000 and not in-conjunction with any other promotions.
      2. Deferred payment which involves an interest rate and is applicable to allproducts included or not included in any promotions with a minimum purchaseof PHP3,000.

      Both payable in 3-12 months terms. Applicable to BDO, BPI and Metrobank credit cards only.


      • Debit
      • Credit card
      • Gcash

      We only have zero credit card installment plans if you purchased through our Showroom stores.

      Gcash QR code or Visa/mastercard QR code straight payments only.

    • What are your payment methods? (Uratex website)

      Our online store payment method are as follows :

      • Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
      • E-wallets (Gcash,Grabpay, Maya)
      • Online Banking (BPI Online, Unionbank Online)
      • Buy Now, Pay Later (BillEase)
    • Do you have Cash on delivery?

      Apology, currently cash on delivery is not yet available for all online purchase.

    • Can I modify the name of the sales invoice

      Yes, as long as the item is not yet on the Ship out status/ not yet handed over with the courier


    • Can I wash my mattress? (mattress with removable cover)

      It is not advisable to wash your mattress since excess moisture can leads to molds. We recommend you remove the cover and wash that one instead. In case you do not have any other option but to wash your mattress, you may (insert simple instructions on how to wash their mattress).

    • Can I wash my mattress? (mattress with non-removable cover)

      It is not advisable to wash your mattress since excess moisture can lead to molds. We recommend you vacuum it every two months to avoid dust mites and other bacteria growth. In case you do not have any other choice but to do so, you may (insert simple instructions on how to wash their mattress).

    • What are the care instructions shown in the stickers placed in your monoblock?

      Our monoblock care instructions are:

      1. Use rubber foot pads on slippery floors such as marble.
      2. Lift completely, do not drag and/or drop when transporting the item.
      3. Use only for seating purposes. Do not use it as a ladder.
      4. Inspect regularly as plastic deteriorates due to wear and tear and constant exposure to sunlight and air.
      5. Do not overload as seat load is tested until 200kgs only.
      6. For indoor and outdoor use.
    • What is the difference between a classic and a premium mattress?

      Our classic mattresses are basic or regular ones which consist of foam and fabric cover. Premium mattresses are high end ones that have added features depending on the model.

    • What is your most popular product?

      For classic mattresses, it is Uratex Mattress with Polycotton Cover. For premium mattress, it will be Perfect Serenity Mirage, Senso Memory Original, Orthocare Harmony and Premium Touch Sublime. For monoblock chair, it is our 101 Classic chair.

    • Can you give me tips on how to properly take care of my mattress?

      We recommend that you flip over and/or rotate your mattress at least twice a year to get even wear.

    • What do you mean when you say the premium mattress is sanitized?

      It means that the mattress is treated with sanitize additives that prevent bacteria, odor, dust mites, bed bugs and even asthma.

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