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Uratex Perfect Serenity Mirage Mattress

Uratex Perfect Serenity Mirage Mattress

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The Perfect Serenity Mirage strikes a balance between softness and firmness, promises a cool and fresh fabric-feel, and delivers just the right level of comfort and support.

Topped with Comfort Quill®️ foam, a high-density foam designed for soft comfort.
Base is made of Purifoam® that offers impressive support.
Designed with the advanced 3D Spacer Fabric side panels to let air flow freely, for a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.
Treated with Sanitized® which effectively protects against growth of bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites, keeping the mattress clean and hypoallergenic.
Main panel uses knitted fabric that feels soft and smooth.

• Comfort Quill® Foam a Pressure-relieving foam that adds a layer of soft comfort.

• Purifoam® Foam a firm foam designed for optimal support and absolute comfort.

• Aura Fresh® Technology that eliminates unwanted odors released by the body such as
sweat, urine, and saliva, while keeping the sleeping environment fresh.

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