7 Questions That Will Make You Realize If You Need A New Mattress

Do you need a new mattress? A good night’s sleep plays a crucial role in your health and general well-being. Unfortunately, majority of adults do not get optimal sleep at night. And mattresses could be contributing to the problem. From failing to provide body support to accumulating allergens, your mattress could be gravely affecting the quality of sleep you are getting. How do you know if your mattress is serving its purpose? How do you figure out when to replace your mattress? Here’s a list of questions that will help you know if it’s about time to get a new mattress.

How old is your mattress?

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If you don’t remember the day and time when you bought your current mattress, then there’s a chance that you’ve been sleeping on it for more than eight years.

How often should you replace your mattress? Research has shown that mattresses are only good for up to eight years. The lifespan can vary depending on the mattress type, manufacturer, how you sleep, and whether you sleep with other people or not, but eight years should serve as the cap. Your mattress may also wear out sooner if you are a larger person.

Your mattress is not made to last forever. Just like any other product, it’s subject to wear and tear. If it’s made by an inferior manufacturer, it will wear out even sooner. But even mattresses made by the best brands have a lifespan. If your mattress has been around for too many years, it’s time to switch to something new.

Are there dents in your mattress?

If you’re seeing dents in your mattress, that’s a telltale sign that it’s time to look for a replacement. Almost all mattresses are susceptible to sagging. These dents are often found at the edges and right under the area where you often sleep.

Saggy mattresses can cause aches and pains and disturb your sleep. The deeper the sag, the worse the discomfort. Spare yourself the soreness by looking for a replacement that offers better support. The Uratex Comfort Quilt Mattress boasts a medium-firm foam that provides basic body support to prevent neck and back pains. It’s also wrapped in quilted cotton fabric for increased comfort. The even greater news is that it’s one of the more affordable mattresses in the Uratex classic line. You get more for less!

Do you suffer from back pain?

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Whether your mattress is old or new, you will have to replace it if it is not offering proper support and alignment. It’s the only way you can get optimal sleep. If you are sleeping on your stomach or back, your spine’s S curve should be apparent as you lie on your mattress. If it looks flattened or if the curvature is too emphasized, you mattress may not be working well for your spine.

If you’re a side sleeper, your spine should look straight from neck to bottom. You can use a level or yardstick to confirm proper alignment. If you can slip a hand between your mattress and your body, a new mattress may be necessary.

A mattress that conforms to your body’s position and movement will be your best bet. The Uratex Airlite Breeze mattress has a memory foam that contours to your body, instead of forcing you adjust to it. It also has pressure-relieving benefits that prevent pressure sores in sensitive areas.

Is your mattress comfortable enough?

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The answer to this may not be as obvious as you’d expect. People, after all, have a tendency to adjust to discomfort. If you love going to hotels or your friend’s home to sleep because the bed feels more comfortable, your mattress at home may not be good enough. When shopping for a bed, take the time to give it a test run as what appears comfortable in the showroom may not always perform as well at home.

For good measure, you can choose a mattress that is flexible. The Uratex Dual Essence Profound is a reversible mattress that lets you choose a side that makes you feel most comfortable. Its base is made of Permahard foam which offers extra firmness and support for your back. It has earned the recognition of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association for its ability to correct your body’s sleeping position. On its reverse side, you’ll find a plush and highly resilient foam engineered to provide greater comfort.

Do you wake up feeling stiff and sore?

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Not getting proper sleep at night can lead to chronic back pain. If you find yourself feeling stiff and sore when you wake up, your mattress could be contributing to the problem. This is even more likely if the pain subsides after you’ve stretched out and moved around.

You may think that a firmer mattress is the solution to your problem. This is not always the case. Research by the Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca revealed that medium-firm mattresses offer better relief for chronic lower back pain.

Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Zoned Mattress could just be the solution you’re looking for. Recommended for orthopedic use, it offers a medium-firm feel that provides great back support. It has hollow peaks that distribute weight evenly, providing ease to your body’s painful pressure points.

Have you had any allergy and asthma attacks recently?

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If it’s not allergy season yet but you are already regularly getting allergy and asthma attacks, your mattress may be the problem. Your mattress may be breeding dust mites, which feeds off of dead human skin. The protein coming from the feces of the dust mites could be causing your allergy and asthma. Flipping, steaming, and vacuuming your mattress may not be enough to get rid of the allergens. Sometimes, replacing your mattress is the only solution. The Uratex Edge Quilted Mattress is a great option, with its quilted fabric adding a hypoallergenic layer of comfort.

Are you sharing your bed with someone?

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If you are suddenly sharing your bed with someone, your mattress may no longer offer enough support for the extra weight. And your bed could get a little too warm on humid days. You can remedy this by choosing a mattress that provides a cooling effect. The Uratex classic line offers the Airlite Foam Collection, a line of products that uses the Sleep Cool® Technology. This technology features open-cell foam that allows air to flow freely. These mattresses also use 3D Spacer fabric for even more breathability. You can choose from any of the following variants: Airlite Wind, Airlite Cool, Airlite Zephyr, and Airlite Breeze.

More than just answering the question of whether it’s time to replace your mattress, this list should also give you a good picture of the best mattress for you. Go get one already! You know you deserve it.