Give The Gift Of Comfort: Pillow Gifts For Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift can be challenging. The choices can be overwhelming. Today, your options are further expanded with online shops, both by large retailers and independent sellers. Usual choices are apparel, bags, and office items. Are you thinking about buying your Dad a new polo shirt, or your Lola a knitted scarf? Give your loved ones Christmas gifts that are functional, offers comfort, and those that will last for years. Uratex, the leader in foam and mattress technology, offers a cool selection of sleep essentials. You can choose from various types of pillows for your parents, siblings, grandparents and friends. Here are amazing specialty pillows by Uratex Premium.

Plush Pillow or Memory Foam Pillow for your hard-working Dad

blue wrap gift box Your Dad would like an additional shirt in his wardrobe, but he would also love something that he can use every day for a long time. One of the most popular Uratex pillows is the Soft Escape Pillow, which is made of high density foam. It helps ensure a relaxing sleep with its extreme plush comfort. This specialty pillow can last for years as it is protected with microfiber fabric. Soft Escape is sanitized against bacteria growth, odor, mildew, and dust mites. Does your Dad snore at night? Get the Uratex Senso Memory Cervical Pillow for him. This sleep essential is made of contoured memory foam which has been tested to help snorers breathe and sleep better. The Senso Aire Pillow is designed for optimal airflow, keeping the sleeper refreshed through the night.

Latex Pillow or Gel Pillow for your loving Mom

  As a woman ages, she undergoes hormonal changes that affect her ability to sleep well at night. This Christmas, help your Mom achieve the quality sleep she deserves by giving her the best pillows in the market. The Comfort Zone Latex Pillow is made of naturally elastic Latex foam that conforms with the body's movement. This pillow features an open cell structure that allows air to flow freely. You can choose between soft, medium, and firm feel. Impress your Mom with a luxurious gel pillow. The Senso Memory Celeste Gel Pillow offers comfort by distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure points. It features Aqua Cool Gel Technology, intermeshed, three-dimensional gel waves that allow free airflow. Your Mom would love this specialty pillow that provides a cooling sensation from the head to the back.

Neck Pillow and Wedge Pillow for your amazing siblings

gold wrap gift box Traveling and working for long hours can put a strain on the neck and back. If not managed well, an occasional neck pain can lead to a long-term problem. Buy a high-quality neck pillow for your Ate and Kuya. The Senso Memory Ultima Plus Neckease Pillow is made of memory foam that offers an extra plush comfort feel, gently cradling the head and neck. It is infused with Hydragel beads and wrapped in premium knitted fabric that lower the body temperature to sleep-inducing levels. Another must-have for your sibs is the Senso Memory Wedge Pillow. Its triangular design provides higher elevation that helps relieve acid reflux. This memory foam pillow can  also be used as leg support.

Hydragel Pillows and Memory Pillows for your grandparents

white wrap gift box Your grandparents would love anything you give them this Christmas, but would it not be better if your present is something that will serve them well? Give your Lolo and Lola Soft Escape Hydragel Pillows. These specialty pillows are made of high-quality polyurethane foam and infused with heat-absorbing Hydragel beads. The beads cool down the body, aiding in a restful sleep. Adults aged 65 and older should be getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Your grandparents can fall and stay asleep easily with Kensington Memory Pillows. Memory foams mold to the shape of the body, relieving pressure points. Uratex's memory pillows are covered in microfiber fabric and hypoallergenic.

Fibersoft Pillows and Neckease Pillows for your friends

fibersoft pillow This Christmas, give your best friends Uratex Fibersoft pillows made of hypersoft foam and polyester fiber. For handy pillows that can be brought to the office or out-of-town vacations, you can go for the travel-sized one. The queen and king sizes are perfect for home use. Spending long hours in front of the computer can put a strain on the neck, shoulder, and head. Help your besties ease muscle pain with Therapoint Comfort Neckease Pillows which are made of the highest grade of polyurethane foam. The lightweight small size is convenient for travel use. There are different types of pillows for different needs.  The wedge pillow is recommended for those suffering from acid reflux, while bolster pillows are for side sleepers. When shopping for pillow gift ideas, it is important to know the receiver's needs and preferences. Remember that pillows are essential bedroom items for everyday use. Always choose high-quality products for optimal comfort and utility. Surprise your loved ones with Uratex gifts.