Roberts AIPMC Builds One of the Biggest Radiators in PH for PASAR

  Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC), makers of Evercool, the country's leading radiator brand, has built one of the Philippines' biggest radiators for a generator set for the Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation (PASAR) in Isabel, Leyte. The three radiators made for the generator set units had a total capacity of 3.0MW (1.0MW each) and an individual length of almost 16 feet or five meters. Roberts AIPMC has been producing radiators and other automotive parts since 1992. After 27 years, they have skillfully produced their biggest radiator to date. To fully realize this project, the team had to segment and produce the parts in the Roberts AIPMC plant and transport them to PASAR for assembly and installation.   PASAR is the owner and operator of the only copper smelter and refinery in the Philippines. Roberts AIPMC had the opportunity to work with the Visayas-based establishment in 2016 on the fabrication of radiators for their heavy equipment machinery. Both companies have built a good relationship since then so when PASAR asked for the support of Roberts AIMPC in 2018 to build their biggest radiator to date, it didn’t take long until the project was carried out.   “This project is not just the fabrication of one of the biggest radiators in the Philippines.  What makes this project more sophisticated is the difficulty of assembly and installation due to restricted space and heavy equipment requirements. In addition, the working environment also required us to follow very strict safety procedures to avoid the possibility of being exposed to hazardous chemicals,” says Roberts AIPMC Sales Manager, Jeffrey Picones. Despite these challenges, Roberts AIPMC was able to successfully complete the project on December 2019. It was their capability and years of expertise combined with their determination and adherence to strict protocols that helped make one of the Philippines’ biggest radiators come to fruition.
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