Stressed? Here’s How You Can Get Good Quality Sleep

When we are stressed, we tend to do the things we find most comforting or relaxing. Some of us prefer to eat out, some would head straight to the mall for a much-needed retail therapy, while others would rather head home and catch some Zs. But what happens when you suddenly have no access to stress relievers like these? Those who like to eat can learn how to cook or bake, those who like to shop can resort to online shopping, and those whose hobbies are not accessible can find new activities to keep them busy instead. And those who resort to sleep can find comfort in different ways to get good sleep.

Ready, Set, Sleep

We all know that sleep plays an important role in our lives. It’s good for our physical and mental health as it helps boost our immune system, repairs cells, and promotes muscle growth, among other things. But how exactly does one achieve quality sleep? A good start would be maintaining the old normal sleep schedule. Just because we’re at home all the time doesn’t mean we can sleep whenever we want or as long as we want to. It’s important to follow a regular sleep and wake up time so our body rhythm will not be disrupted.

Sleep Steer-Clears

Another thing we can do to make sure we sleep and wake up on time is to limit coffee or alcohol intake especially hours before sleeping as it can interrupt sleep and eventually the whole routine. The same goes for exercise. While it’s important to get some movement during the day, it’s worth noting that doing it hours before bedtime can interfere with the ability to sleep.

Work Boundaries Are Important

Setting work boundaries is also a step towards good sleep. As much as possible, keep work out of the bed and reserve the bed for sleeping and resting only. Limit answering calls and emails beyond work hours and honor the time for family, for cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. 

It’s also important to make our room inviting and sleep-friendly by making sure it’s neat and tidy. Bright lights and loud noise are discouraged while the right temperature and accessories that make sleeping faster and easier are encouraged. 

Ur Perfect Partner During Extraordinary Times

Knowing the mattress that suits our body is important in getting quality sleep, too. Uratex has been specializing in sleep solutions for more than 50 years now and has a variety of mattresses catered to your needs. There are mattresses that offer the basics: good value for money, comfortable, and durable like the classic all time favorite, Uratex Thin Cotton mattress.There are some that provide features addressed to specific needs, like the Airlite Breeze mattress that has a memory foam layer for added softness and a 3D Spacer fabric for maximum airflow. And there are others that offer unique technologies for optimized sleep, like the Uratex Edge Quilted mattress. It has a unique technology that uses activated charcoal to prevent moisture and bacteria-causing odor and is enveloped in anti-static knitted fabric that not only enhances comfort but also prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges while asleep. High quality products like these have a warranty coverage, making it the perfect sleep partner that is always with U.

 With these tips combined and followed, a restful sleep and reduced stress should be in order.

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