Tis the Season to be Generous: A Uratex Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for Filipinos who have one of the longest Christmas celebrations. As much as it is a good time to celebrate with the whole family, with gatherings after gatherings, it’s also a good time to catch-up on some Zs, not just you but the rest of your loved ones, too! This is why we came up with a holiday gift guide to make this Christmas not just about material gifts, but meaningful ones, too. Here are a few Uratex Classic products for you and your family. For Mom and Dad: The durable and comfortable Radiant Mattress Our hardworking parents usually complain about back pains especially after a long day at work. These pains are mostly caused by sustained pressure from vigorous day-to-day activities. The Uratex Radiant Quilted Mattress is the perfect present to give them as it can serve as a destresser after a tiring work day. It is designed with high-quality medium-firm foam that provides relieving comfort and a quilted jacquard fabric for more lasting durability. For Friends: The breathable Pillow Airlite Show your friends how much they mean to you by giving them Airlite Pillows. It’s soft but still supportive and provides good air ventilation, too! It comes in different variants so it can suit any type of friend, whether it’s someone who loves staying at home or loves seeing and exploring different places. These pillows are formulated with the latest Sleep Cool Technology, which uses an open-cell foam to effectively let air flow freely for more ventilation. It also comes with a soft, knitted fabric for a more relaxing and soothing sleep experience. For Lolo and Lola: The comfortable and convenient Airlite Portables Older people often sleep less deeply as their melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep, is secreted less with age resulting in poor sleep during the night. Give your grandparents the gift of good sleep with the Airlite Futon. It is comfortable but still supportive, offers good air ventilation, and is covered in a smooth knitted fabric for a more relaxing and soothing sleep experience. It’s lightweight and convenient--it can be easily folded up for easy storage and easy carrying. It also features Sleep Cool® Technology with 3D spacer fabric and open-cell foam that promotes airflow, so whether crammed up in a limited space your loved ones can still sleep soundly. For Ate or Kuya: The stylish Uratex Cosmo Sofabed Perfect for siblings who live away from home, the Cosmo Sofabed is a comfortable and stylish space-saver that can match any modern space. Perfect for lounging during the day, and snoozing during the night, the sofa bed’s contemporary design highlights the rich Dobby fabric with neutral color schemes in a rounded surface with a medium-firm feel of Uratex foam inside. The sofabed is also a space saver for the day for lounging and snoozing during the night. For the Kids: The fluffy Snoozy Pillow Since the kids are active throughout the day especially during the holiday season, they will surely sleep soundly during the night with the Snoozy Pillows.These pillows are made of foam and come in different shapes and sizes. These snooze buddies also feature a softer high-density foam for enhanced comfort and also provides gentle support for a good night’s sleep.
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