Uratex's 55th Anniversary: Record-Breaking Event, Philanthropy, and Star-Powered Support

Uratex's 55th Anniversary: Record-Breaking Event, Philanthropy, and Star-Powered Support

For over five decades, Uratex has stood as a symbol of quality and innovation, dedicated to delivering the gift of quality sleep to Filipino families. As Uratex celebrates its 55th anniversary, it proudly continues its legacy of excellence and unwavering commitment to its mission.

Creating History: Attaining a Guinness World Record

In a momentous event that took place on October 22 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Uratex etched its name into the annals of history by achieving a remarkable Guinness World Record for the "Largest Human Mattress Dominoes." An astounding 2,355 units of the beloved Classic Uratex Single mattresses (36 x 75) were used, generating 14 minutes and 25 seconds of pure excitement. This feat surpassed the previous record set in Brazil, which involved 2,019 participants.

The event attracted a diverse audience, including Uratex executives and employees, with CEO Naty Cheng at the forefront. Dedicated volunteers from various charitable organizations, media representatives, and influential figures in the world of social media joined in the celebration.

A Charitable Milestone: 2,355 Mattresses for a Brighter Future

Uratex's deep commitment to the communities it serves shone through as the company, in partnership with its esteemed celebrity endorsers and associates, pursued its mission to create a meaningful impact. The 2,355 mattresses used in the world record attempt found a new purpose as they were generously donated to various charitable organizations.

Uratex's philanthropic efforts were guided by external partners, focusing on underfunded organizations and those in need of additional resources to fulfill their missions. Giving back remains a fundamental aspect of Uratex's identity, strengthening the connections with partners and customers alike.

Welcoming a New Family Member: A Star Endorser

Adding even more excitement to the occasion, Uratex proudly introduced its latest family member, none other than the Box Office Queen and Asia's Superstar, Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. Affectionately known as "Kath" to her devoted fans, she fondly shared memories of sleeping on a Uratex mattress during her formative years, underscoring the pivotal role of quality sleep in her acting career. Her endorsement stands as a testament to the profound connection she shares with the brand she wholeheartedly believes in.

Kathryn cheered enthusiastically as each mattress gracefully tumbled, forming a mesmerizing domino chain that led to a record-breaking moment. Her presence and support added an extra dose of encouragement to this historic event.

Uratex's 55th-anniversary celebration epitomizes a legacy of excellence and teamwork, further solidifying its position as an iconic Filipino brand dedicated to the well-being of the community.

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