Science-Backed Tips That Guarantee a More Comfortable Sleep

With many things going around this new normal, self-care and sleeping at the end of the day is one the best things to look forward to. But even sleep may prove irritating especially when you have trouble getting one! 

Falling into a deep sleep is associated with the right factors and being too stressed out can hurt your ability to fall or stay asleep. Learn to sleep with ease at night with these proven tips:

  1. Cool down before bed with the right rituals

What you do before going to bed actually affects the quality of your sleep. That’s why it's important to incorporate a bedtime routine before you finally doze off. If you experience any difficulty sleeping, we recommend doing these things.

  • Eat a smaller portion of dinner or snacks before nighttime. 

As much as possible, eat a light meal during dinner that is easy to digest like fish, chicken or salad and avoid heavy meals filled with carbohydrates, fats, and spices as they are much harder to digest and metabolize. If you're craving snacks, eat lighter options like popcorn or dark chocolate instead of your usual bag of chips.

  • Take a warm shower. 

Taking a shower right before bedtime is not only refreshing but can also help induce sleep. As you take a shower, opt for a warm temperature as it may help relax those muscles and tensions in your body. Then as you step out of the shower you’ll feel more relaxed, signaling your brain ready for sleep time!

  • Drink enough water

Keep a glass with just enough water to sip on beside the bed especially when it tends to get a little hotter at night. Hot temperature makes the body sweat frequently, so drink up to avoid dehydration. Don’t finish the full glass though, to avoid frequent trips to the toilet which may render you with less sleep.!

  • Cool off with a chilled face towel

Cooling off with a chilled towel can help unwind and relax the rest of your body. To do this, dip your face towel in a basin of cool water and place it on your ankles, wrists, the back of your knees and crook of your elbows. Do it for about 5-10 mins or longer.  

  • Sleep in a pitch-black room

Exposure to light during night time can hinder the naturally programmed melatonin and slows down the body’s tendency to sleep. Sleeping in complete darkness can also counter the risks of stress during the day, so turn off your phone at night, stop browsing up late and just chat your S.O the next day! 

  • Exercise in the morning, not before bedtime

It’s always great to start the day with an exercise as it has many benefits including the ability to increase deep sleep and offers more sleep related benefits. 

  • Meditate to unwind 

Meditation allows our minds to find peace after a long day. It also helps give space and perspective to calm you down for a good night’s sleep. Set a few minutes of listening to some meditation playlist to lull you to sleep. 

  • Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol can be a cause of night sweats if consumed before bedtime and if you gulp a stronger one, it might cost you a few itchy rashes. The next time you're craving a glass of liquor don’t do it before bed and opt for a warm tea or glass of milk instead. 

  1. Know the proper sleep position for your body and get a pillow that’s right for you

A proper sleep position is needed for a good night’s sleep and promotes the right bodily alignment. Sleeping flat on your back is the simplest way yet surprisingly has the most health benefits because not only does it help ease your spine, it can also help relieve knee and hip pain. What’s more helpful is sleeping with the right pillows.

For a cooler, breathable feeling, the Airlite Pillow is equipped with Sleep CoolⓇ Technology that uses an open cell foam to let air flow freely. This way, you can let yourself lie flat for an extended period of hours minus the sweat. If you prefer a softer high-density foam to cuddle with, Snoozy Pillow is also your best bet for gentle softness that offers enhanced comfort. 

  1. Invest in accessories that can help you sleep better at night

There are people who need extra orthopedic support than others, it may come naturally with age or to anyone just after a strenuous day of work. Staying active and maintaining a healthy diet are the basic lifestyle habits to bear in mind, but for a quick relief, we recommend the Wedge Pillow. It provides a certain level of elevation with a medium firm feel for people who prefer higher body support. It can either be used for the head or the lower body. 

Give these tips a try and see how it can change the way you sleep!

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