Summer Sleeping Hacks Without Using an A/C

The brutal summer temperature is making it really difficult for us to get a shut-eye. Endless tossing and turning, trying to find a sleeping position that is most comfortable despite the fact that you are sweating on your sheets. That’s summer, and if scientific data are to be believed, it’s only going to get hotter.

Hot summer nights make it difficult to achieve optimal sleeping conditions. The body’s temperature naturally dips at night, requiring a cooler environment. But during summer, the hot and humid environment messes with the natural course of things, causing sleepless nights and discomfort.

The easiest solution is just to crank up the air-conditioning, which will obviously crank up your electric bills, too. Apart from that, some people complain about respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and dry skin when using an A/C.

The challenge now is how to survive hot summer nights without A/C? Impossible? Not really. Here are hacks you can do this summer to get quality sleep.

Keep a cool head

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The head is one of the hottest parts of the body, and regular pillows that surround it trap the heat, making it even hotter. It’s a good thing that you have a lot of modern solutions to choose from, such as the Astracool Pillowcase which is part of the Uratex Astracool collection. These pillowcases are specially designed to give an instant cooling sensation upon contact on skin. It transfers excess heat away from the body without leaving you feeling cold or damp.

Shut it all day long

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During summer months, it is best to keep windows shuttered, blinds shut, and drapes closed. This will keep the room from heating up during the day. The rays of the sun are more powerful during this time and a warm room during the day will still linger when it is time to go to bed. So don’t let the light flood your room during the hot months.

Mind your sheets

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Satin and silk may look luxurious, but try to stay away from them during summer. Can you imagine how icky it feels when sweat touches silk? During summer, stick to breathable fabrics such as lightweight cotton that feels lighter on the skin and promotes better ventilation. The Astracool fitted sheets of Uratex do not only feel cool, they also take away excess heat from the body.

Another summer hack for cooler sheets is to place them in plastic and let them cool in the freezer. The cold temperature won’t last the whole night, but it will give you some respite from the heat.

Back to basics

Remember high school science projects? Might want to channel your inner Einstein for the summer. Make a DIY air conditioner with just an electric fan and some ice cubes. In a large bowl or container, put blocks of ice and place it in the path of the air flow from the fan. This will disperse a cool breeze around the room.

Speaking of fans, you can keep them from blowing hot air by pointing them toward the windows to push hot air out. You may also adjust ceiling fan settings in such a way that blades run counter clockwise so that it pulls hot air up and out, instead of just blowing it around the room.

Loosen up

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If you’re planning to sleep on your birthday suit, aka in the nude, think again. When you’re going au naturale, chances are that sweat will just wet your sheets and you’ll end up feeling more uncomfortable. So, on hot summer nights, it is better to stick to light-colored, loose, and soft shirts, underwear or jammies. They are breathable and the fabric can wick away sweat, too.

Cool down fast

Applying cold compress will help you chill down faster. Press ice packs against pulse points such as wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees. And because the feet has a lot of these pulse points, you may want to dunk your feet in cold water before going to bed. Also, stick your feet out of the sheets when sleeping.

Turn off everything

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Light bulbs emit heat, so turn them off. Light from the TV can also give off heat so turn that one off too. Unplug electronics at night to reduce heat, as well as save energy. The absence of light will also make it easier for you to fall asleep. Light keeps the mind alert, which you don’t want happening when you need to get some zzz’s.

Stay hydrated and freshen up

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H2O is your best friend during the summer months. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a glass of water before bedtime. Dehydration can cause you to sweat harder, so make sure to fill up the tank before hitting the hay.

A cold shower should also help you feel refreshed. Bring your body temperature down by stepping into the shower and rinsing off sweat and humidity.

Wet the sheets

One unconventional summer hack that you can try to have a cooler environment at night is to hang a wet sheet in an open window. Let the breeze touch it so that it can help bring down your bedroom’s temperature.

You can also try sleeping like an Egyptian. This method involves dampening a sheet or towel in cool water, then laying it on top of another sheet to avoid soaking the mattress, as well as your body.

Get out

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If you really can’t stand the blistering heat inside the room, then try getting out. If you are lucky enough to have a safe outdoor space such as a patio or backyard, try sleeping al fresco or go out camping. You can also put up a hammock in the patio. Beds that are suspended increase airflow.

Don’t compromise quality sleep just because of the oven-like heat during summer. Even without air-conditioning, you can get a respite from the heat with sleeping hacks that are worth a try.

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