The Many Wonders Of A Mattress Topper

What would you give for a satisfying sleep each night? “When we miss sleep in order to keep up with our 24/7 world, we pay a price with our ability to learn, our health and safety, and our quality of life,” according to Harvard Medical School. Attain quality zzz's every night with high-quality bedroom essentials.

Aside from your mattress and pillows, are there other items that can help you sleep like a baby every night? A mattress topper is an additional layer of comfort for your mattress. It's usually 2 to 3 inches thick and made of feather, wool, latex or memory foam. A bed mattress topper can set the difference between a restless shut-eye and a good night's sleep. This “mattress extension” may be the key to your sleep health.

Do mattress toppers really work? Are mattress toppers worth it? Read on.

Is a mattress topper necessary?

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What is necessary depends on your priorities and preferences. If you have an orthopaedic condition that has been disrupting your sleep, a mattress topper is a more affordable alternative to an orthopaedic bed. A topper is a genius solution to extending the life of your mattress. It shields your expensive bed against body fluids, dry skin, and sagging. You can protect it with a cover. A mattress topper offers extra comfort, and can easily transform your old bed into a luxurious sleeping surface.

Do mattress toppers help back pain?

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Any physical discomfort can impair your sleep. Back pain is one of these discomforts than can affect your ability to get 7 to 9 hours of good sleep. Can mattress toppers cause back pain? Definitely not! On the contrary, a bed mattress topper serves as an extra cushion to support various sleeping positions.

Choose a mattress topper made of memory foam. The Senso Memory Mattress Topper is designed with a visco-elastic memory foam that molds to the shape of your body and relieves pressure. It evenly distributes your body weight and ensures a healthy blood flow. With this Uratex Premium product, you can look forward to waking up recharged and refreshed.

Do mattress toppers make you hot?

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An additional layer of cushion may appear to add heat to your bed surface. The older line of mattress toppers made of latex and memory foam retain body heat, making it uncomfortable during summer. However, the newer products are equipped with heat-absorbing features that ensure a restful sleep. The Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress Topper combines Hydragel beads with a Cooler knit fabric cover that can keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night. It also features an extra plush foam that reduces pressure points.

Do mattress toppers work for orthopaedic needs?

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You don't have to keep on suffering from sleepless nights because of your orthopaedic condition. There's a wide selection of mattresses and toppers designed for people with special needs. If you're not replacing your mattress soon, you can go for a mattress topper made of memory foam that help decrease aches and pains all over your body. Memory foam is available in different densities – soft, firm, medium-firm – to suit your preferred firmness.

Can mattress toppers be washed?

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Are mattress toppers washable? No. Uratex Premium does not recommend washing their mattress toppers because of its foam component. One of the positive points of buying a topper is that it can increase the longevity of your mattress. It's highly durable. A topper protects your mattress by protecting it from bacteria, dead skin, body sweat, and unwanted imprints.

How to clean a mattress topper?

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Your cleaning method would depend on how bad the stains are. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and grime. Make sure your topper is always in good condition by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner once a week.

What are the other benefits of a mattress topper?

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Buying a topper is cheaper than replacing your mattress. It's also lighter and easier to move. If you have a mobile lifestyle, or is staying in a college dorm, a topper can ensure that you get to sleep comfortable wherever you are.

Do you share your bed with a partner? A memory foam topper can alleviate the disruptions of your tossing and turning. It buffers your movement and noise from your partner.

What are the different types of mattress materials?

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You can choose from feather, wool, latex, memory foam, duck down or goose, polyester and cotton, and egg crate. The right topper material for you depends on your needs and preference. Latex and memory foam are preferred for their functionality while feather and duck down for their plush feel and softness. An egg crate topper, which features little bumps, is made of conventional foam.

Attaining quality sleep each night should be your top priority. It's time to stop the misconception that getting at least 7 hours of sleep can hold you back from achieving more in your waking life. A good night's sleep is your key to health, productivity, and a more stable emotional state. Ensure that you get satisfying zzz's every night with high-quality bedroom essentials. Buy yourself a Uratex Premium mattress topper.

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