Why Investing On #UratexClassic Sleeping Solutions Is Worthwhile

Need help to make the right investment for your sleep health? Uratex has sleeping solutions guaranteed to give you a healthy and relaxing snooze. From mattresses to pillows, Uratex products are designed with quality sleep in mind. No need to wait long to care for your sleep and health. These 6 reasons will help you make that best decision with the right Uratex products.

1. Perfect for any living space, big or small

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Minimalist style is great for simple living, but people are confronted with a dilemma: what is the right furniture to include in the space? The Uratex sofa bed is a fantastic piece for any home, especially those with limited floor area. Combining form and function, a sofa bed serves as a dual-purpose home item for comfortable sleeping and seating.

Despite your home’s compact layout, the Uratex sofa bed provides a sleek and practical solution. Its ingenious design can easily fit into even the smallest of spaces. With only a few folds, you can quickly transform the sofabed and create a sleeping or seating area. Talk about a smart furniture! Because it is flexible and easy to use, the Uratex sofa bed allows you to sleep comfortably. You don’t have to worry about having a separate sleeping and seating area because the sofa bed gives you the best of both worlds.

2. Practical style to match your personality

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Who doesn’t want to create a living space that is pleasing to the eye? But can you create a stylish home without compromising functionality? You definitely can with the Cosmo Sofa Bed. It is a versatile sofa bed that effectively combines style and practicality.

The Cosmo Sofa Bed is dressed in rich Dobby fabric that can be paired with various color schemes. You can go neutral or bold, depending on your personal taste. The elegant and contemporary aesthetic can uplift any design-challenged home. Even on a tight budget, you get bang for your buck with the Cosmo Sofa Bed. Its flexibility makes it possible for you to design an inviting and comfortable space. Some spaces feel stiff and unlivable because it looks impractical. With the Cosmo Sofa Bed, you can confidently enjoy a home that looks and feels great to live in.

3. Get the right support for your body

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You are working very hard to achieve your career goals. It’s an admirable attitude, but don’t forget about taking care of your sleep. Did you know that compromised sleep costs $63.2 billion in lost productivity in the US alone? No matter how hard you work, you are sabotaging yourself if you don’t have quality sleep. One sleep item that many people underestimate is pillows. The importance of having the right pillow cannot be stressed enough. Pillows play a crucial role in supporting the delicate structure of your head, neck, back, shoulders, and spine. Providing comfort and support, the Uratex Snoozy Pillows and the Uratex Revitasoft Pillows are designed to conform to your body’s unique shape and curves. The pillows are made of soft yet high-density foam, making it feel luxurious. All the stress seem to melt away, and you feel recharged and ready for work the next day

4. Cutting-edge innovation catered to your overall health

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One of the main inspirations for the design of the Uratex Airlite mattress is Filipino families yearning for a refreshing sleep. Because health is at stake, it’s important that the mattress you choose for your family is effective in addressing the body’s needs. In the Philippines, one of those needs involves having a cool and comfortable sleep. The humid climate can easily cause sleep disturbance, but the Uratex Airlite mattress works by circulating a cooling sensation even during hot summer nights. The Uratex Airlite mattress line offers various items to choose from: Airlite Breeze, Airlite Cool, Airlite Zephyr and Airlite Wind. Our bodies have different reactions to temperature and mattress firmness, so it’s best to check in person which variant you’re most comfortable with. All are designed with a patented Sleep Cool® Technology, which lets air flow freely. No more icky and sleepless nights!

5. Five-star sleeping experience even on a budget

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Do you want quality sleep without breaking your budget? The Uratex Classic mattress options are worth considering. It’s easy to choose the perfect mattress based on your budget and needs. While budget-friendly, the classic mattresses are designed with advanced technology and premier standards. The Uratex Thin Cotton Mattress, for example, is made with high-quality foam and provides effective support for just Php2,679.75. It’s one of the most affordable mattresses from the classic line, yet it can provide a sleep-deprived body with a five-star snooze experience.

The Dual Essence Profound mattress is another great option from the Uratex Classic line. Created to smartly respond to your body’s movement during sleep, the Dual Essence Profound is a reversible mattress that allows you to choose the best side that fits your preference. The base is made of Permahard foam, recognized by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association for its ability to provide support and comfort during sleep.

6. Mattresses come with a warranty

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As a leading sleep expert in the Philippines, Uratex is committed to delivering high quality products for the best sleep possible. With over 70 mattresses and foam products to choose from, Uratex has the perfect item for your budget and sleep needs. For a lot of consumers, warranty is an important consideration when making an investment. A warranty is a form of guarantee that reassures the consumer. As a sign of its confidence to its products, Uratex provides a warranty for its mattresses, ranging from 5 to 15 years. Whatever the price of the mattress, you can be certain that Uratex has your satisfaction in mind.

These 6 reasons highlight the importance of getting quality items to achieve the best sleep. Investing in a Uratex foam is one of the smartest and healthiest decisions that you can do for your sleep. While sleep is often considered a luxury, Uratex is making quality sleep accessible for more people. Visit a Uratex store today and discover the sleep item of your dreams.

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