Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For 2018

The gift-giving has begun from the moment malls started blasting Jose Mari Chan's Christmas hits. The tradition of handing out presents, which is practiced throughout the Christian world, will last until after the New Year celebration. If you are just about shop for presents, you have no reason to worry. You can do your shopping in one-go as long as you know what items to buy and where to find them. Here is your ultimate holiday gift guide for 2018.

Gift ideas for parents, grandparents and parents-in-law

christmas tree balls Christmas is thanksgiving season in this part of the Christian world. If there are people in your life who deserve your heartfelt gratitude, it is your parents, grandparents, and parents-in-law.

Orthopeadic mattress

A mattress is a home essential, and for your aging parents, a high quality one can make a difference in their lives. Choose a first-grade Uratex Mattress for mom and dad. The Dual Essence Profound is approved by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. It features resilient bed foams that adapt to body movements, correct spinal alignment, promote good blood circulation, and relieve pressure. Surprise your parents with this new mattress.

Functional travel blanket

Do your parents and grandparents travel a lot for vacations? Give them gifts that they can bring to the cool mountains of Baguio, or to the snowy meadows in South Korea. One of Uniqlo's sought-after items is the fleece blanket. This smooth-textured blanket can be used as a lap cover, a wrap or a poncho. It comes in different stylish designs your parents and grandparents would definitely love.

Digital newspaper subscription

Looking for Christmas gifts for in-laws should not be hard. This 2018, give your parents-in-law a digital subscription to The New York Times, probably the gold standard in journalism. Currently, the Basic Digital Access is available for $4 per month for a year, or $1 per week. Your card will be charged every 4 weeks, so this gift is truly a bargain. Your father- and mother-in-law will have unlimited access to all NYT digital content and apps for a year.

Garden plants and décor

For many older people, gardening is therapeutic. There is peace in cultivating life, so to speak. For Christmas, give your grandparents beautiful plants and gorgeous ceramic pots for their garden. Flowering plants, with prices that start at Php50, are available in gardening shops in White Plains, Quezon City. Decorative ceramic pots are for sale at Unika-RS Home & Garden Decor along San Francisco Street, Mandaluyong City. You can score a set for only Php2,500.00. Check out Unika-RS's IG account for a selection of designs @unikapottery.

Marmalade, jams, and other breakfast goodies

Food is a favorite Christmas gift. But you should know that you have a lot of options beyond the traditional fruitcake and generic cookies. Masferré is a Sagada-based deli shop that produces a menu of marmalade and jams and homegrown coffee. The shop supplies high-quality breakfast products to major stores and malls in Metro Manila, but you can buy straight from the proprietor herself. Give your parents, grandparents, and parents-in-law a basket of Masferré products that they can enjoy for many mornings. Place your order thru Patricia Masferré: +63-921-455-0916.

Gifts for millennial siblings and cousins

gift wrapped with white Shopping for gifts can be overwhelming. Imagine having 20+ cousins you want to surprise for Christmas. But do not fret. This is where holiday gift guides come handy for your 2018 shopping adventure.

Eco-friendly personal care products

Millennials are said to be more environmentally-conscious than the previous generations. They passionately promote items made of eco-friendly materials, fresh products from organic farms, and goods produced by local farmers and artisans. Head on to the Old Manila Eco Market, which is set up until December 31, 2018 in front of the Manila Cathedral. Give your siblings and cousins eco-friendly items by Hoy, Plastik! such as shampoo and conditioner bars, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo straw sets and more. Prices start at Php90 per item.

Travel pillows

Traveling is this generation's favorite indulgence. Millennials, with their wanderlust and generous paychecks, are the number one tourists. This Christmas, give away travel essentials to the young adults in your family. The Uratex Pillow collection offers items that are lightweight, compact, and comfy. The Airlite Neckease Pillow has memory foam and 3D Space fabric that will make you feel refreshed while you sleep.

Gym membership

Do you have siblings who always have an excuse to skip the gym? This Christmas, give them the gift of finally starting a fit lifestyle. Purchase a 1-month gym membership for your brother and sister. Anytime Fitness offers a 1-month fee of Php2,700 (excluding one-time charges), which gives members access to unlimited gym use 24/7 and participation in fitness classes. Once your sibling experiences the satisfaction of even a week of working out, he/she will definitely continue the membership.

Healthy grain snacks

Give your loved ones meaningful gifts that can help them shift to a healthier lifestyle. You do not need to spend a lot on an annual supply of healthy food items. You can simply introduce them to good food options. Artisan Grains PH (Facebook: Artisan Grains PH) is offering Christmas gift sets of granola bars, chia seeds, and choco Paleo balls. These sugar-free goodies are perfect snacks before and after a tedious workout.

Netflix subscription

If your cousins are not yet subscribed to Netflix...why? As you may have heard, Netflix is the repository of many of the best shows on TV. You can buy subscription for three months for Php550.00 per month as a gift. The Premium account can be accessed in four screens at a time. If the recipient loved the service, he/she can continue the subscription – which will definitely happen!

Special presents for your (very) significant other

heart shape candy Gift-giving among partners is customary. Christmas is among the occasions that you are expected to wrap something for your significant other. This year, you can skip the expensive jewelry and go for something unique yet meaningful.

Holiday gift guide for her: coffee kit

Do you know how much city people are spending in coffee shops every day? A lot. Give your spouse or girlfriend the option of enjoying good quality coffee without spending on expensive drinks. You can buy a portable maker for about Php1,000 and homegrown coffee from the Cordilleras. A 200-gram coffee from Sagada is about Php300, which is equivalent to about 10 cups of coffee. She can bring her coffee kit to work and travels.

Christmas present for her: healthy lunches for a month

Working women are likely to neglect their own meals because of their busy schedule. Surprise your partner with a unique gift that will make her life a little easier when the new year starts. Buy her a one-month “subscription” to a food delivery service. There are start-ups, mostly run by chefs, that prepare meals based on different diet plans and deliver these to various points in Metro Manila. Check out Greenery Kitchen, Isabel's Dewy Morning Greens, Vegetarian Dinner Club, and others.

A surprise for him or her: memory foam mattress and topper

Your partner's health is your utmost concern. Make sure that he/she is getting quality sleep every day with a Uratex Classic mattress. The Uratex Airlite Breeze is made of memory foam that evenly distributes body pressure and has a knitted cover that gives extra comfort. You can add a Uratex mattress topper for an additional layer of cushion.

A martial arts gym membership for him

Instead of an expensive gadget that will likely go out of style in a few months, you can give your partner a gift that can be the beginning of an active lifestyle. You can purchase your partner an annual membership and a one-month fee to train in a martial arts discipline. KMA Fitness and Martial Arts teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai, judo, boxing and fitness kickboxing. You can choose a 4-session, 12-session or 30-day package. Call 02-551-4449 for info on new rates.

Holiday gift for him: a reversible parka

The rainy season can be unforgiving in this tropical country. Make sure your man remains dry and comfortable in the wet months ahead with a high-quality parka. Uniqlo, which showcases clothing of the finest textiles, is selling a reversible parka made of lightweight polyester. It has a water-repellent coating on one side, and a soft jersey lining on the other.

Meaningful friendship gifts for your besties

gifts boxes wrapped Friendships are powerful; as these are forged not by blood or marriage but by choice. No gift can express just how much your closest friend means to you. That is one reason why shopping for presents can be tough for loved ones. Nevertheless, here are gift ideas for your best friends, male or female.

Mattress topper

Sleep is a pillar of health. If your friend is having a hard time falling and staying asleep, mattresses and bedroom accessories are perfect gift items. Give your bestie a Uratex mattress topper infused with activated charcoal and anti-static features that help relax the body for a restful sleep. The Edge Mattress Topper adds a layer of comfort to a mattress.

A weekend vacation

It is said that experience, and not material things, make the best gift. Surprise your best friend and his/her partner with a free accommodation to a weekend vacation in Anilao, Batangas. Anilao is a popular diving spot for its rich marine life. You can book a stay on a weekend in January or February. Agoda is offering discounted accommodation in resorts and you can save as much as 40%.

Organic vegetables and fruits

Do your besties love cooking? Introduce them to affordable organic products. Organic Veggie Mommies is a start-up that brings organic produce from the Cordilleras to Metro Manila homes. The business is in partnership with various farmers cooperatives in Benguet. You can order a basket of organic vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, and other cooking essentials for your friends.

Wellness eGift

As you and your friends get older, your priorities change. For your married friends, it is likely that they will choose to relax at home on weekends than go partying until past midnight. Let your hardworking besties pamper themselves with a free trip to the spa. The Spa is offering wellness eGifts for Php1,000, Php2,000, and Php3,000.00. You can also create a custom wellness package based on your budget.

Anti-theft backpack

The Anti-Theft Backpack has recently gained popularity. This innovative bag features an anti-theft design and cut-proof foam and fabric. It has various compartments for gadgets including a laptop, tablet, and smartphones; books and notepads; and a thermos bottle. Your friend will surely love this backpack that he/she can use anywhere.

For the little children in your life

kids wearing santa hat Children are the most excited people on Christmas. The little ones in your life, including your own children, siblings, nephews, nieces, and godchildren, will expect to open presents from you.

Harry Potter memorabilia

Enchant little Potterheads with amazing Harry Potter gift ideas. Aside from books, you can give hardcover ruled journals, a talking sorting hat, wands, and other cool memorabilia inspired by the novels. You can also be the best Santa Claus to your little Harry Potter fan by giving a Slytherin Deluxe Stationery Set. Check out National Book Store online for more items.

Kiddie sofa bed

Kids tend to sleep for longer hours than adults. They also nap more. Make bedtime or naptime fun for children with a Uratex Kiddie Sit and Sleep sofa bed. This dual-function sofa is made of high-quality foam and covered in colorful designs. Surprise your niece with a lightweight Mini Mouse sofa bed of her own.

Books and stationery

Reading is not dead, even with the popularity of apps and video games. Go book shopping with your kids, nephews, and nieces. To make the experience more enjoyable, give each kid a budget (say, Php1,000.00 each) and let them scour the bookstore for books, comics, stationery items and others that might interest them. Treat them to their favorite diner after the shopping adventure.

Sports items

Today, even toddlers know how to navigate tablet computers. Doctors are warning parents and guardians about the hazards of too much screen time and a sedentary lifestyle among young people. Encourage children to play outdoors by introducing them to physical activities. You can buy them basketballs, volleyballs, badminton sets, and baseball sets. A frisbee is something the entire family can enjoy on weekends.

Board games

Board games are regaining popularity everywhere. There are well-made boards for all ages and for all types of celebrations. Some of the top board games for kids in 2018 include Hoot Owl Hoot!, Elementos, Sagrada, and Pandemic. There are also all-time favorites Jenga, The Settlers of Catan, and Monopoly. You can find amazing selections of board games in specialty bookstores. Choose a gift that will add value to the receivers’ life. You can select one that is functional, durable, and with a purpose. Go for a thoughtful Christmas gift guide for a meaningful gift-giving.
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