30% OFF: Beat the Heat with the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress

The cool Christmas season has passed, which leaves the temperature rising higher and higher by the second as summer steadily approaches. But even if the season of gifts has been left in 2021, what better gift can there be than that of having a refreshingly cooler sleep at night instead of waking up every morning as a sweaty mess? One of Uratex’s ongoing gifts to us for the moment happens to be the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress—a mattress that prides itself on its ability to you cool down in the worst of heats. And best of all, this chill mattress is at the forefront of an extended holiday sale, being 30% OFF for the rest of the month of January!

There are no ifs or buts about it—the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress represents a taste of refreshment for those who find the country’s usual heat unbearable at night. Wrapped in a specially designed Cooler® knit fabric and lined with heat-absorbing Hydragel® beads, lying on the Ultima Plus can lower your body’s temperature by up to 2 degrees Celsius.

And that isn’t a joke: Lying down on the soft patterned surface of the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress allows you to literally feel its cooler temperature while you sink into the comfortable memory foam—this bed is cool. You might find yourself drifting away quick due to the refreshingly comfortable sensation it offers—and you’ll certainly wake up feeling good as new thanks to the chilly mattress’s excellent back support.

If you’re worried about the cost of something that sounds too good to be true, remember: Uratex has your back. The Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress is a full 30% OFF until January 31, 2022--so it isn’t too late to catch up!

Get yourself #UrGiftOfComfort this late holiday season—you won’t regret it.

The Uratex Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress can be found at a Uratex Showroom near you as well as your local shopping malls and department stores. For maximum convenience, shop online right here through the Uratex website or at the brand’s Shopee and Lazada dealerships to save as much time and effort as possible.

Available in single (36x75 inches), semi-double (48x75 inches), full-double (54x75 inches), queen (60x75 inches), and king (72x78 inches) sizes. Contact Uratex at (02)8888-6800 for customized measurements.

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