Uratex supports Alyssa Valdez Youth Volleyball Camp 2023

Uratex, the Philippines' leading manufacturer of foams and mattresses, proudly supports Alyssa Valdez and her vision to help the youth fulfill their dreams through the "Alyssa Valdez Youth Volleyball Camp 2023."

Bringing together professional coaches and 80 eager young volleyball players aged 7 to 12, Alyssa Valdez Youth Volleyball Camp (AVYVC) successfully assists in building the country's next generation of world-class athletes. AVYVC 2023 was held last March 24-26 at the Rizal High School Gymnasium, Pasig City.

Alyssa Valdez, known as The Phenom of Philippine Volleyball, has long dreamed of helping children and the youth get into sports. Through the AVYVC, she hopes to provide equal opportunities to underprivileged children so they can achieve their dreams of becoming professional players. 

AVYVC also aims to serve as the participants' venue window to upskill and train so that one day they can be scouted for scholarships or grants to kickstart their journey in volleyball. 

"When you have enough sleep, you can focus more, and you can do things at full potential," Valdez says as she gives an insight into the importance of sleep in connection to sports, especially for young athletes. 

Uratex, as a sleep advocate, would also like these young athletes to know the importance of sleep as it is one of the most effective performance boosters in sports. Getting quality sleep can help athletes have the energy to do more, train harder, spike stronger, and be happier when they're on the game. You can be more focused and recover faster on and off the field! 

Uratex believes that sportsmanship is not just about skills but how teamwork, discipline, and perseverance are the cornerstones of success. "We want to help our young volleyball athletes understand that a sport is not just about winning but more about the values and traits they learn from their idol players, coaches, and teams. Through AVYVC, we aim to help them become better people through volleyball," said Denise Co, Uratex Integrated Marketing Communication Executive­­­­­.

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