6 Room Tweaks to Achieve Hotel-Like Sleep

If there’s anything that the pandemic has not taken away from all of us, it’s the need to de-stress, relax, and take a much-needed break especially after a particularly busy day or week. With our current situation, access to our usual stress relievers like eating out, watching movies, and going on staycations have become limited, but It’s a good thing that there are different options available. Food deliveries have become more accessible, entertainment is readily available online, and recreating the hotel experience in your own homes is now easier.

Here are five ways to recreate the five-start sleep experience in your own room:


Tidy up your room

Too many accessories or decor, things that don’t have a proper place, paperwork, cords and cables, mismatched items, and things left sitting out are just a few examples of things that are in your room but not in hotel rooms, which is what makes hotel rooms so nice to sleep in. To achieve a hotel-like ambience in your room, make sure to get rid of clutter or find them a proper place or storage. 

Keep curtains in neutral colors

Swap out patterned or colorful curtains with more neutral ones to achieve the simple yet elegant look of a hotel. If you’re a late sleeper or simply want to prevent sunlight from entering the room, getting blackout curtains is a nice option, too.


Get good quality sheets

Substitute your floral or patterned sheets with an all-white bedding to transform the look and feel of your bedroom. It’s important to invest in good quality sheets that feel soft to the touch because it helps contribute to the hotel-like sleep experience.


Dedicate a space for an accent wall

Curate complementing photos or artwork from your collection and display them in a dedicated area in your room. Be careful not to put too many as it can be overwhelming to the eyes and it won’t make the space look peaceful or relaxing. 


Pick high-quality pillows

Hotel pillows are usually soft and fluffy, but it’s important to pick a pillow that suits your sleep position, preference, and need. Uratex Premium has a variety of pillows for different needs, and they come with unique features, like anti-bacterial properties or cooling technologies that help make sleep more comfortable.


Invest in a hotel-like bed

Hotels are known for their mattresses that provide the best sleep experience. This can be easily recreated at home with the Uratex Premium Premium Touch Mattress Collection which is known to offer a five-star sleep experience in the comfort of your home. It’s the combination of pocket springs, specialty foams, soft fabric cover, and anti-bacterial properties that makes it a hotel-like mattress, and provides you with five-star sleep at home.


With these room tweaks combined, getting five-star sleep every single day of the year, in the comfort of your own home, is possible. It’s about time you invest in yourself and invest in five-star sleep.

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