Make Ur Summer Nights Relaxingly Cool

It’s summertime in the Philippines and we know that you can also feel the scorching hot weather these days—and sadly, even at night!

WE HEAR YOU! Summer evenings may be particularly difficult for many people to get a good night rest. And we know that you can also actually hear the same complaint not just with friends and family, but as well as anywhere you go these days. This summer heat wave honestly brings triple-digit temperatures feels to most part of the country—well, that is, if not all.

Do you know that according to research, the amount and quality of sleep you get may be greatly influenced by the temperature of the place in which you are sleeping?

As a matter of fact, the results of a new, large-scale research on the effects of temperature on sleep have yielded some fascinating information regarding how hot nighttime temperatures influence sleep and who is most likely to be affected. That is why you could be one of the few lucky persons if you can afford to have at least one air-condition unit at home or in your bedroom.

But you can still achieve a good night sleep even without any air-condition unit at home when you have a good quality mattress with cooling technology like the Uratex Senso Memory® Frost Mattress. This is your answer to the problem of hot evenings and sleepless nights!

Through its cooling technology with Phase Changing Material, which has been shown to deliver up to 5 degrees of cooling and its cool touch technology premium knit fabric, you can achieve that instant cooling sensation and avoid body heat.

And good news! From May 15 to 31, 2022, you can beat the summer heat with Ur Cool Summer Promo! Get up to 15 % off on Uratex selected items including their Uratex Senso Memory® Frost Mattress and enjoy a relaxing and sound sleep even on a hot summer night.

Other products included:

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So mark your calendars and grab the chance to get discounts from Uratex. To know more about this promo, please visit for complete details of the discounted items.

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