Quali-5 Cellular Technology

“Quali 5 Cellular Technology” is defined as the collection of the qualities and technologies that ensure that each product we manufacture has world-class quality, delivering superior comfort and support.


I. Strong Adherence to Quality

Uratex prides itself for being recognized for offering high-quality foams and mattresses. As a strong commitment to quality, each product we manufacture is carefully evaluated by the Uratex Quality Assurance Program.

II. ISO 9001 Accreditation

All RGC Group of Companies plants are ISO 9001 accredited. ISO 9001 Accreditation is an international standard that guides to improve and implement management processes to compete locally and globally. This certification assures customers that the company had passed strict, regulatory requirements for an effective Quality Management System.

III. State-of-the-Art Equipment and Machinery

As the industry foam leader in the country, Uratex makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. It collaborated with the Hennecke, one of the most popular advanced machinery brands from Germany, to acquire the Hennecke Multiflex machine that is used by the best foam manufacturers globally. Its intelligent precision and process engineering enables to produce high-grade foam. It has a high-pressure mixing system that injects chemicals into the mixing chamber and sprays it on a large surface. Its chemical process is placed at a laydown system to regulate air while it transforms into a block. This results into a high-quality foam block free from pinholes and defects.

The machine’s precision control is believed to be the reason for the better touch and the superior physical properties of the foam. The technology features a well designed high pressure mixing system with a powerful drive. The high pressure injection of the isocyanate into the mixing chamber creates a very fine spray with a large surface. Thus the isocyanate is more reactive to the polyol. This results in a more intense chemical binding. It also features a liquid laydown system wherein trapped air can easily escape from this thin liquid layer and is not included in the block. This way, pinholes and voids are prevented. Thus, allowing the production of foam with very controlled cell size.

Other machines of Uratex include: 

  1. Valenzuela - Beamech Vertifoam (1987) - decommissioned 
  2. Alabang - Vertifoam (1988) 
  3. Plaridel - Hennecke Multiflex (2000) 
  4. Cebu - Laaderberg (2008) 
  5. Alabang - Hennecke Multiflex Basic (2010) 
  6. CDO - Laaderberg Maxfoam (2014) 
  7. Davao - Laaderberg Maxfoam (2016)
  8. Plaridel - Hennecke QFM (2020)
  9. Iloilo - Laaderberg Maxfoam (2022)

IV. World Class Formulation and Process Engineering Technology

Innovation has always been vital in maintaining quality. Uratex has a Foam Research and Development and Process Engineering Departments are dedicated to continuously make use of the latest innovations in foam and sleep.

V. Usage of Best Raw Materials

Uratex never shortchange quality. It uses the best raw materials from international suppliers such as Bayer, BASF, Shell, Dow, Mitsui.

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