Ready for a Change? All You Need is a Mattress in a Box

Ready for a Change? All You Need is a Mattress in a Box

Did you know that bed mattresses actually expire after a while? After several years of only using a single mattress, you’ll find all sorts of annoying issues coming out of your formerly trusty night companion. Maybe your old mattress has started to sag, or perhaps you’ve started to suffer from a sniffly nose or itchiness from accumulated dust and skin particles. Either way, waiting too long before replacing your old mattress can turn your restful sleep into a true nightmare—but how can someone busy with their non-stop studies or workdays deal with the hassle that comes with buying a new bed? 

Luckily for all of us overworked souls, the latest of Uratex’s offerings has come in the form of the Trill Air: one of the newest additions to Uratex’s mattress-in-a-box line.

Uratex is no slouch when it comes to quality, and it certainly shows–the Trill Air comes covered in fabric that’s soft to the touch while being reinforced enough to be firm enough to support your body. But part of what differentiates this mattress from the rest is how it’s made from carefully designed convoluted foam–something meant to give your bed an especially breathable and airy feel. Nonetheless, that’s comfort, sleeping support, and comfortable breeziness alongside an affordable price-per-size…...and all in a single compact box. 

For this is what makes this mattress truly special–how all of these benefits are stuffed into one compact and space-saving package and a hassle-free box that’s easy to carry around before being set up in the right place. Pressed-down and flattened before being rolled up into a wrapped-up bundle, the Trill Air eventually expands into its full size once set up on your bed frame to look and feel as good as new. In fact, it was Uratex who brought the mattress-in-a-box idea to the country. From being a popular trend only existing overseas, Uratex was the first Filipino company to bring this innovation to a local presence with the Trill collection and, in the process solve an issue that’s been troubling many of their loyal customers.

So no need to worry about delivery schedules or hiring specialized furniture delivery trucks—this space-saving means of delivery makes this compact mattress much easier to carry around and into place even if it remains just as weighty as its expanded form. With the help of a few friends, you’d likely be able to carry this Trill product into position yourself after having it casually dropped off by a delivery truck—and without worrying about accidentally knocking things over, either!

What are you waiting for? Join the trend and aim for a refreshing change with your sleep experience today!

The Trill Air Mattress can be found now at a Uratex Showroom near you, as well as at the Uratex website here in order for you to save as much time and effort as possible. You can also contact Uratex for more details at 02-8888-6800.


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