RGC/Uratex Group Rolls Out Vaccination Program for Employees

RGC/Uratex Group Rolls Out Vaccination Program for Employees

The RGC Group of Companies, the mother company of the industry leader and foam brand  Uratex Philippines, announced the rollout of its vaccination program for its thousands of  employees in its various businesses in the country, including all its staff, subcontractors, and  extended manpower. 

RGC Group targets to inoculate more than 6,000 employees in its various offices, showrooms,  and plants across the country to provide safe, convenient, and comfortable services and  experiences to its customers. The Company acquired 20,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine  through its partnership with Presidential Adviser Joey Concepcion’s GoNegosyo, under its “A  Dose of Hope” program. 


“We are one with the whole nation in achieving a safe and secure environment, not only for  our customers but also for our employees and extended manpower. The vaccination program  that we just rolled out will provide much-needed protection to our people and their families,  most especially with the spread of the new variant of the COVID-19 virus. We hope that  through this effort, we get back to normal operation as soon as possible,” said RGC Group Founder  and CEO Mrs. Naty Cheng. 

The employee vaccination program of the RCG Group is facilitated by AC Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, that aims to build an integrated healthcare ecosystem  that improves healthcare for all. The Company also tapped various accredited healthcare  providers to inoculate other employees deployed in other regions of the country. 

“We started our employee vaccination program last April of 2021 through #GetUProtected  campaign, wherein we hosted lectures and webinars to educate and enlighten us on the effects  of these COVID-19 vaccines as well to answer the questions our employees have in their minds.  We invited health professionals from public and private organizations to share their knowledge  and expertise on the matter, which provided a positive response from our employees,” said  Corporate HROD Manager Ms. Owen Diaz De Rivera. 

The RGC-Uratex Group of Companies aims to strengthen its workforce and keep everyone and  their family safe from the threat of COVID-19 through this vaccination program alongside the  national government’s target to achieve herd immunity in the country. 

“If there’s one more thing that this pandemic strengthens aside from our faith and strong  family bond, that is our love for our country. We, at RCG Group of Companies, are grateful to be able to extend our assistance to our people in these trying times and make use of our resources  to promote strong trust and support between the management and its staff and extended workforce,” Mrs. Cheng concluded.

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